Within the municipality of Gratallops lies the Planassos plot, a piece of land which provides the backbone to our wines and to the vivid biodiversity of the Priorat.
Five hectares of vineyard with both olive and almond trees growing together on the slate soil, while at the same time sharing the location with native plants and a great variety of wild animals and completing a landscape of great beauty and survival.
Working the land in a way which is devoted to preserving the environment,
we adhere to biodynamic and organic practices giving life to our habitat and our vines, obtaining the fruit which once harvested will become our liquid passion.
Within the plot we find different orientations, altitudes and depths leading to microclimate variations which make garnachas and cariñenas develop in diverse ways. With the progression of time we are learning how to understand and act to give our wines our desired profile.
The Land returns what you give it and Planassos returns love, the love of wine.


C/ de La Font 1D
43737 Gratallops
Tarragona (Spain)
T/ +34 621 229 185


Michel Grupper

T/ +34 621 229 167
T/ +41 796 375 086

Vineyard and Cellar

Pep Riba
T/ +34 660 351 494


Jordi Gimenez
T/ +34 604 103 815


Vanessa Diaz Meyer
T/ +34 621 229 185

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